Growth Culture

The greatest opportunity in your business is the growth of the people who run it. Culture may start at the top but it lives organisation-wide—in all your people.

Our-award-winning GrowthRite™ methodology surfaces your most effective culture, team dynamics and each individual's potential—for personal and company growth.

Unlocking your full business potential with human-centred change and transformation.



Growth Coaching

New strategies don't always work. You either change it to fit your culture or invest in your people to remove blockers and unlock potential.

Growth Coaching is a powerful, focused and effective developmental partnership, enabling you to realise and maximise your full potential.

Realise and achieve your goals with executive coaching, leadership development and team coaching.



Growth Goals

Your goals might be to grow; revenue, profit, customers, market share—faster with less cost. A growth mindset and clear purpose will increase performance.

Our experience in coaching culture and behaviour change is coupled with growth mentors in sales, marketing and operations.

Together, we co-create your new commercial strategy to fit your culture of growth.




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“I am still reflecting on your excellent coaching.
 A good, practical, deep yet gentle way to find out more about how one behaves.”


Benjamin P. Taylor


“O’Gara-Co have a solid methodology for growth. Key changes to our strategy created a positive and measurable impact on our revenue and long-term success.”

Ben Mercer

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“O’Gara-Co team coaching enabled us to take people beyond blaming or scapegoating—towards mutual understanding and finding safe and effective ways to communicate. This led to greater alignment and higher productivity”

Matt Stevens
Global VP


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Within 8 weeks, we managed to align the leadership team and build a new growth strategy for a new market. We achieved over £1m in additional revenue within 6 months from a modest £45k investment

Isa Goksu
SVP FinServ

“By coaching the team on a growth mindset, we were able to deliver an incremental £3.5M of  revenue in our first year, while reducing overall spend by 20% vs the previous year.”

Craig Beddis
SVP Sales, UK&I
Automic Software

“O’Gara-Co facilitated coaching for our commercial teams, coordinating a group of strong-minded leaders, across six brands, to agree on goals and objectives and define a jointly agreed growth model with a service level agreement.”

David Malkinson
, UK&I
The Adecco Group

“In the past four years, due to growth improvement initiatives lead by O’Gara-Co, our contribution to revenue has grown by 300%.”

Chris Boorman
CA Technologies
(now Broadcom)

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“O’Gara-Co established the right engine to deliver measurable growth. With the framework embedded, they helped us drive a consistent volume of high-quality demand that were trackable all the way to real revenue for the company. This is quite an accomplishment, especially across multiple countries.”

Scott Anderson
SVP Marketing

“O’Gara-Co has the ability to get to the point of the growth initiative. They are highly skilled at demystifying the complexity. They engaged tightly with our teams and understands the value of seamless integration of customer facing teams.”

Chris Hooper


GrowthRite™ Methodology


How We Do It

Our GrowthRite™ methodology is your R.I.T.E. of passage to growth—from your old ways of working to the new.

Researching challenges and opportunities together.

Insights moving the implicit to explicit for alignment and buy-in.

by co-creating a new culture—winning hearts & minds.

change throughgrowth mindset, skills and tools.

And your rite of passage is underpinned by growth coaching.


Growth Coaching

Our coaching is based on your G.R.O.W.T.H.

Goals make it clear where you want to be.

Reality helps you see your starting point.

open new possibilities.

to change helps you get clear on your motivations.

and strategies are how you get there.

are formed to ensure the change sticks.



Growth Leaders

Our flagship GrowthLeader™ programme supports your people, at all levels of the organisation, to understand their growth potential.

From leadership development to managing teams through change and conflict with emotional and social intelligence.

Identify and build on your strengths with a practical framework to help you 'respond' more and 'react' less.

Transforming patterns of ineffective behaviour by communicating more effectively to build more successful working relationships.




The Team

Adrian O'Gara

Adrian O’Gara

Founder & Executive Coach

With over 20 years in commercial leadership positions, Adrian has worked with over 100 companies from start-ups to global industry leaders.  As the founder of O’Gara-Co, Adrian supports growth through executive coaching, leadership development and company-wide culture change. Offering award-winning experience to also mentor sales, marketing and operation leaders—creating people-centred and customer-centric cultures.

Peter Trix

Commercial Growth Coach

With over 30 years of experience in commercial change, Peter’s mission is to enable top-line growth and to maximise corporate value through a transformational approach, leveraging previous investments in people, processes, methodologies and systems. Peter’s transformation programmes provide the foundation to transform commercial culture with leadership coaching to drive value for customers.



Esther Flatley 

Culture Growth Coach

Esther is a coach and culture specialist. With almost 30 years of experience, she is the lead practitioner for team development. Esther specialises in organisational system and the impact it has on business performance and sustainability. Her unique approach focuses on building awareness, confidence and stronger, more effective working relationships – to create a culture of transparency, curiosity and mutual accountability.