Revenue Funnel Science

Free Revenue Funnel Worksheet

Marketing tends to focus on the top of the funnel. Sales on the bottom of the funnel. Sometimes they meet in the middle. But often not!

Revenue Funnel Science is the optimisation of the marketing and sales funnel - from the top of funnel leads to closed, won business and customer success.  To make an impact in your organisation, it is essential you tie your funnel metrics to your revenue goals within a dynamic model. 

Adopting a revenue funnel can provide:

  • Increased prediction and control over revenue
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) on all marketing and sales activities
  • Smoother experience for the customer
  • Better marketing and sales alignment

We have created a simple Revenue Funnel Worksheet, with 12 pre-built,  customisable templates to help you establish your organisation’s funnel blueprint. This free to use spreadsheet will automatically calculate and track your funnel movement against your goals from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

Download your Revenue Funnel Worksheet to:

  • Identify and define your funnel stages
  • Build your own blueprint
  • Leverage the 4 critical funnel metrics
  • Put your funnel into practice

Build your company’s unique funnel movement and goals based on average contract value, conversion, and velocity inputs. Once you’ve mastered managing your main funnel, there is additional functionality built into the model to help you set goals and track your progress at the sub-funnel level. Get started today...