Who We Are

We are a global collective of business leaders alongside change agents and behavioural scientists—working with you to create a culture of customer-excellence.



What We Do

By understanding your interactions with customers, both internal and external, we help you cut across silos so all your people create true customer-value.


What You Get

Embed your company's unique go-to-market. Find more, qualify better, close faster and keep your best clients longer—increasing revenue, profit and lifetime value. 

Clients include Bazaarvoice, CA Technologies, Econsultancy, GE Healthcare, LeasePlan, NTT Data, OpenText, Sitecore, The Adecco Group, ThoughtWorks and UBM, to name a few.


What our clients say

“O’Gara-Co have a solid grounding in sales and marketing. Key changes to our strategy created a positive and measurable impact on our revenue and long-term success.”

Ben Mercer

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Within 8 weeks, we managed to create qualified opportunities with over 14 key accounts with many more in the pipeline. We expect to see £1m in revenue within 6 months from a modest £45k investment

Isa Goksu
SVP FinServ

“Interfacing with the global sales team we were able to deliver an incremental £3.5M of  revenue in our first year, a 50% YOY increase in Sales Accepted Leads to pipeline and reduce overall spend by 20% vs the previous year.”

Craig Beddis
SVP Sales, UK&I
Automic Software

“O’Gara-Co transformed and optimised our sales and marketing organisations by coordinating a group of strong-minded leaders, across six brands, to agree on joint goals and objectives and define a jointly agreed lead scoring model and service level agreement.”

David Malkinson
, UK&I
The Adecco Group

“In the past four years, due to considered improvement initiatives, our contribution to creating pipeline has grown from 17% to over 60% marketing-sourced opportunities.”

Chris Boorman
CA Technologies
(now Broadcom)

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“O’Gara-Co established the right engine to deliver measurable results. With the framework embedded, they helped us drive a consistent volume of high-quality demand that were trackable all the way to real revenue for the company. This is quite an accomplishment, especially across multiple countries.”

Scott Anderson
SVP Marketing



How We Do It

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We offer a tailored service for your unique businesses requirement, with an in-depth examination of your buyer experience, your customer-facing people, their processes and technology platforms. By engaging with you, and your customers, we help you find your best way of selling.

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We coordinate all the moving parts, internal and external, to deliver a culture-change programme. We keep going, watch, listen, learn and adapt to ensure your new company purpose is executed in the most effective manner. Together we reach the goal, on time, within budget.

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We enable your teams to adopt and adapt to the new environment and embed your best way of selling. Then we watch as you become self-sufficient and continue to work with you to fill any gaps with ongoing learning and development.



The Team

Steve Landuyt

Sales Transformation Consultant

Steve heads up our U.S. operations. With over 30 years of experience in enterprise sales, Steve helps companies execute their sales strategy through a streamlined buyer journey, effective sales tools and clear metrics with sales training and coaching. He helps companies work smarter, manage better and grow faster. If you want help converting your sales strategy into actionable measurable tasks that salespeople can do and managers can manage, then call Steve in the U.S. on +1 678-596-8992.

Adrian O’Gara

Sales & Marketing Transformation Principal

Adrian heads up our U.K. operations. With over 20 years in B2B sales and marketing for enterprise tech and high-value service providers, Adrian has worked with over 100 companies from niche start-ups to global industry leaders – including The Adecco Group, CA Technologies, GE Healthcare, LeasePlan, Sitecore, ThoughtWorks and UBM.  As the founder of OGaraCo, Adrian uses his experience in transforming sales and marketing teams to help clients increase revenue and customer lifetime value.  For clear guidance, hands-on implementation and bespoke training, feel free to call Adrian in the U.K. on +44 7867 424 991.

Peter Trix

Sales Transformation Consultant

Peter heads up our German operations. With over 30 years of experience in enterprise sales, his mission is to enable top-line growth and to maximise corporate value through a transformational approach, leveraging your previous investments in people, processes, methodologies and systems. Peter’s transformation framework, with sales dna® at its core, provides the foundation to transform a sales culture from servicing demand to creating demand, combined with a sustainable management coaching practice, driving maximum value for your customers. Feel free to call Peter in Germany on +49 1722 078 993.



Esther Flatley 

Organisational Change Consultant

Esther is a coach and organisational development specialist. With almost 30 years of experience, she is the lead practitioner of the OGaraCo Organisational Change Transactional AnalysisTM (OCTA) methodology for individual coaching and team development. Esther specialises in organisational system and the impact it has on business performance and sustainability. Her unique approach focuses on building awareness, confidence and stronger, more effective working relationships – to create an environment of transparency, curiosity and mutual accountability.

Rosesmary Napper

Organisational Change Advisor

Rosemary is an internationally renowned speaker, teacher, author and consultant in organisational change and the psychology and practice of adult learning. She utilises Transactional Analysis as the framework for organisational and people change. Rosemary has worked with Virgin Trains, Barclays Bank, Waitrose Partnership and both the European Union and local authorities in the UK — as well as not-for-profit and charities. A visiting lecturer at Oxford University she also acts as an advisor and consultant at OGaraCo on the same subjects.

Eduard Pop

Sales & Marketing Automation Consultant

Aligning business stakeholders at a regional and global level, Eduard drives digital transformation, supported by business analytics. As an operations change agent, Eduard has 9 years experience with a deep knowledge in Salesforce.com, process optimisation and aligning sales and marketing organisations.  His key strengths are in relationship management, project management and leading a constant focus on tangible results.


What We Think

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